How We Help

We have a community of over 120,000 members across CatLost and DogLost, all of whom can help to find each other's beloved pets. Our community looks out for one another, hoping to reunite community members with their pets.
Using your cat's details and your personal photos of him/her, you can create a virtual "missing poster" which is sent to all the CatLost and DogLost community members in your area. You can also print these posters out for display around the local area.
We use cutting-edge Google Maps technology to let community members report possible sightings of lost cats, allowing the owners to track these coordinates and search for their beloved furry friend more accurately.


Become a CatLost helper

Are you looking to join the CatLost community and become a CatLost helper? It's completely free to do so, although our premium package gives you access to our full range of features at a cost of only £12.99 per year.

If you become a CatLost helper, you can register your cat's personal details and photos, meaning that you'll have an instant virtual "missing poster" if he/she ever gets lost. This helps to increase the chances of finding your cat by getting the word out more quickly.

You will also receive updates about lost and stolen cats, enabling you to keep a lookout for lost cats in your local area and update the owners if you experience a sighting. By becoming a CatLost helper, you're joining a community of over 120,000 people who are looking out for each other and their feline friends.